Never Let The Odds…

Do you believe that it’s possible for Nigeria to return to (or even exceed) the place ofBayo-Founder-Nigerian-Experts-Academy
greatness it once had in Africa and in the world?

You’d better believe it and I’m going to prove it to you.

Is there a solution?

You bet there is, it starts with you and here’s exactly what I mean when I say “…it starts with you“.

It’s unfortunate that the reputation of our great country Nigeria suffered due to the acts of a few…but with the historic game-changing election results in March 2015 you now have a personal decision to make.

Change is Now


Even though for the first time in history an opposition party has won the election and there’s an air of transformation in the air and even though you may not have realized it, you’ve always had and still have the same basic two options available to you…

  • Do nothing (not really an option but let’s throw it in there!).
  • Be part of the solution (the only right answer!).

How do you do that?

I can’t claim to have any scientifically proven way to do it because it’s a bit like trying to solve the problems of the universe. However, one thing that I do know is that if we start where we are now in life with what we have, if you start where you are today with what you have, things will gradually start to transform (not “change”) for the better. The Nigerian Experts Academy is a movement to create a legacy that will be passed on to future generations. As with all great things, it has to start somewhere and there can never be too much good that we can all offer to our country … anyway that’s what I believe and I’m sticking to it!.

“But, but isn’t it hard?”

You see, the way we look at it is simple…

It’s true that when more Nigerians have enough knowledge, skills and confidence to compete at home and abroad in the global market place, the need to do things that set off alarm bells as soon as you’re identified as being Nigerian and that tarnish the image of Nigeria will gradually and surely disappear.

“That’s why our mission is quite simple (and that includes you by the way if you’re a proud Nigerian)”

Let’s make that “CHANGE” and “BETTER NIGERIA” that everyone keeps talking about a reality!

Join us today in creating what we refer to here at the Nigerians Experts Academy as “Transformation through Truth.

Nigerian Experts Academy