Whoever you are as a Nigerian. Wherever you may have been. Whatever you may have done in life. Whatever you still desire to do, be or have. Whatever brought you through our virtual doors (pages of our the Nigerian Experts Academy) today.

I just want so say to you “Welcome home.”

We’ve been waiting for you.”

If had a dollar for every time I heard something negative said about Nigeria and Nigerians, I’d be richer than Oprah and Bill Gates combined.

Back in the day‘ Nigeria used to be a proud, rich and wealthy country…then shift happened. Something went wrong, very wrong, and the country spiraled into what we see today.

But everything that happens does for for a reason, and what exists today is as it should be because Perfection is a MYTH.

The situation today exists because it needs to exist for certain people to be part of a solution bigger than themselves. Through working to improve yourself, your community and the country at large, you will become a better all-round individual.

All of this requires action on many fronts by different and motivated people with different backgrounds and life experience. To create a Nigeria that we can all be proud of once again is going to need your input. So through this resource, we hope to play our part by providing knowledge and skills, and help you too play yours too

Why I Created This Resource

Let’s cut right to the chase (… in other words here’s the short version of the truth).

As a Nigerian who has lived and worked at many locations around the world I got fed up of hearing Nigeria and Nigerians mostly being associated with illegal activities. I got peeved at hearing…

“Oh, I know a ‘Tunde from Nigeria
He used to work in our kitchen at work!

Whenever I heard anything along those lines of “I used to know one Nigerian…” I used to think…

SThatMaybe I was a little touchy back then but hey, when most of the encounters with people who happen to know “one Nigerian” were along those lines, it’s not hard to start taking it personally…for the country of course.

I got really fed up of being the only Black and often ONLY Nigerian face among a group of consultants or specialists working with a major Fortune 500 company on mission-critical projects. I got fed up of encountering Nigerians, male and female, young and old who had settled for mediocrity in a land of plenty, and were doing things that were beneath them.

I get it that sometimes you have to do what you have to do but what I’m referring to here is settling for less than the best you can become. Don’t anyone tell me that a graduate from Nigeria is any less skilled or talented than someone from the US, the UK or wherever, but a large part of the problem isn’t “the system out there.” it’s us.

A lot of it starts and ends with the individual.

Thinking that what you are today is all you can become, or that doing a job abroad that you wouldn’t accept in Nigeria is okay in the US or England is what I’m talking about.

When you look at the countries that are deemed “developed” we need to realize that the people from those countries all played their part in getting it to that status and if we as a country of highly-skilled and highly talented folks are going to gain respect again (because we had it once) it’s going to be down to you, me and every other person who has the mindset of success and who is willing to take action.

Are you?

You can start where you are right now with the skills you have. You can impact one person who will go on and impact another person. Those are three people who will be making a difference. Think of what happens when we all focus on achieving things for others and for ourselves that’s focused on more than just money or pulling a fast one over friends. family and the greedy ones of the world (because I believe the root of many successful scams is based on greed).

Trust me I get it and I’ve been there and done that including being offered a job to wash dishes in a kitchen in London when times were hard (more on that another time). I want to see our graduates become world-class contenders for positions of leadership at home and abroad. I want to see people with life-skills help others achieve breakthroughs.

That’s what this is all about. That’s what I’m about as I develop content, training and share my failures with you through this site.

This is about starting and leaving a LEGACY that will play a role in reshaping the Nigeria of the future today.

NGNWhatsNextIf you’re looking for a site that’s picture perfect and has no “ooopsies, typos” and so on this isn’t for you because we’re more interested in getting the word out there and changing lives than seeking perfection.

A better Nigeria for all” not  perfect one, but a better one that’s excellent again is okay. Let’s grow together, learn how to be the best version of us that we can become.

Let’s discover how to become more together, and while we’re at it, let’s move a few mountains here and there, just because we can.

Tell yourself that you can become everything you desire to be, because you can. You don’t need permission to prosper and if you wait for someone else to give you permission you’re going to be waiting a l-o-n-g time because guess what? People are busy taking care of #1 i.e. their own needs first.

I gave myself permission. That’s how I started. Armed with a degree from Nigeria I never looked at myself and thought

“Oh shoot, I’m a second-rate individual
because I’m now in a “developed” country!”

I knew what I wanted to be, do and have and focused on those things instead of focusing on the things I didn’t want in life.

“You can do it too no matter where you’re coming from or the mistakes you may have made in the past or how old you are. Nigeria needs more people just like you.”

We can do this together and you’re now invited to join us!

Bayo & The Nigerian Expert Academy Team!

P.S. Don’t be surprised if you come back to this page and it’s been updated because it’ll be updated whenever I feel there’s some personal stuff that I believe will help you or someone else move one step closer to excellence.