Be the Cheese…Please!

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The_Farmer_NEAI checked out an e-mail the other day from someone I know online about the cheese standing alone.

If you aren’t aware of “The Farmer In The Dell” it’s a youngster’s song regarding people and pets on a ranch. Ultimately the cheese usually stands alone.

Sure it’s foolish, however Jason makes a good point concerning that cheese.

Brainwashed and Nearly Brain Dead

All through school we’re brainwashed to believe that difference is bad. If an individual wears clothes that don’t seem like our clothes, or they act or assume in a different way than we do, we tease them for being different. If someone has beliefs different to ours (especially religious) we seem not to have the capacity to even put up with them.

Harsh but true. This is how we’re taught. After all, what better way to regulate people than making them police themselves? Independent thinkers are a scary bunch in the eyes of the government as well as to big businesses that are into creaming as much as they can off of every single project and every single budget they can.

If we believe on our own and after that we realize we don’t need their latest device or latest human “brain washing tool” it means we can’t be managed by others because we’re already regulating our own selves.

In life, in your career and business do your best to be the cheese. Dare to be different. Think and believe for yourself. Find all those innate high qualities you’ve repressed throughout the years for “getting on” and conforming to the desires of others, and reincorporate them into your life.

The TRUE YOU as an independent Nigerian thinker is the individual others see in you that you probably don’t. You’re the one who seems to stand apart from the rest of the herd.

People require leaders. Nigeria needs leaders…proper ones I mean.

When you allow your true, real self radiate through, people will be attracted to you, to your charisma, and to your unique views as well as points of view. You’ll then stand apart and rather than being a follower, you’ll end up being the true LEADER you’re meant to be.

You end up being that cheese.

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