Gratitude: How About You?

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Grateful_NEAHave you spent a moment lately just to stop and ponder on the things that you are grateful for?

These days, most people are way too preoccupied with their careers and other activities that they begin to forget how to appreciate he little things.

The world has indeed become too fast and quick for the majority of us that we just can’t keep up without adjusting to it. This, however, makes many of us Nigerians disregard the small things which make life so pleasant.

Have you taken some time in order to loosen up and appreciate your existence through taking a vacation over the last year? In case you haven’t done that, maybe you’re among those who are living in the fast track also you may perhaps ought to slow down a little bit.

Several people don’t value the important things which they possess because they tend not to have quality time to reflect on it. However if you take your time to invest at least a few short minutes daily to look back and be grateful when it comes to things that you have, you are going to be truly amazed at the number of items that you typically ignore.

I saw on TV a battle veteran who lost both feet as well as 50% of his body the instant he stepped on a bomb during the course of a mission. When he was questioned, he mentioned that he missed running and taking a walk a great deal that he feels so sad when he observes running competition.

He hardly ever truly valued the pleasure related to running and also walking until he lost both of his feet during a mission. Still he was thankful that he was alive plus he was granted more precious time to spend with his friends and family.

Do you pause for a few moments everyday in order to relish the important things which you have? If you spend more time being grateful concerning the things that you have instead of griping down about things that you do not, you are going to possess a much more positive frame of mind in order to kick off your day with.

How about you?

What are you grateful for today?

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