Have the Ultimate Conversation From Your Heart

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Beautiful_Heart_NEAYou build intimacy in your life with your loved ones by openly communicating with them. It’s that regular and ongoing communication that, over time binds you to them and them to you more than anything else could ever do.
I should know because due to circumstances at the time my dad and I had an “extended period” (read: years) where we did not communicate with each other. It was deliberate on both our parts and when I look back and realize the opportunities that were lost it isn’t something I’d wish for you.
The opportunity to have just one more conversation would be priceless, but you can’t converse with the dead directly. I do believe it’s possible fr your spirit to connect with the spirit of the departed through your heart.
But how is your conversation with your creator? A father bigger and greater than any other.

When it comes to building intimacy with the Spirit of God that sustains you, that drives you and allows your every need to be met its through your prayers that you do it.

Through your prayers from your is the way to build our intimacy with God and with the Spirit of God within.

The Spirit within you doesn’t reach out to you through an iPad or a textbook. Instead, Spirit hears and responds directly to the language of your heart. You can liken prayer to a “Surrender Experiment” where you leave everything you are on the altar of surrender in the knowledge that we’re met with unconditional love, wise guidance and unlimited compassion.

I challenge you to try it and see for yourself!

You’re worth it!

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