Success Principles to Use in Your Personal Life as a Nigerian

Success_in_yr_family_lifeNEAIt doesn’t matter how well your work life seems to be going at any point in time, your personal life has the power to drag everything going on in your world down with it. Let me ask you  a fairly personal question…

How Comfortable Are You Right Now?

In this section of the academy we’ll consider how those people who are considered to be successful in their personal lives and in their relationships behave.

“If you’re not comfortable or happy and don’t feel at peace in your own home
where do you think you can truly be comfortable?”

If you feel like you’re not experiencing success to the level you really want in your personal life you’re going to discover practical and easy to use options for how you can start to transform your behavior to become more like these happy and successful Nigerians at home and abroad.


Coming in December 2015
Personal Development Keys for Smart Nigerians