The Freedom Foundation

Freedom Foundation is an international organization, and also a movement, setup to use education and other available resources, to provide opportunities for Nigerian organizations and businesses of all sizes to experience true freedom from limiting mindsets, limiting actions, thoughts, negative belief systems and other actions that hold them hostage.

We particularly like the following definition of freedom by Albert Camus, the late French-Algerian Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher.


When crafting this introduction to the Freedom Foundation, we changed it around quite a few times, tweaked and tweaked in attempts to make it ‘fit‘ and connect with the type of audience it is intended for…someone like you. We wanted to make it ‘come across‘ as what would be ‘expected’ when you come across a ‘Foundation.’

It didn’t work. So we decided to exercise freedom.

Out went the proverbial rule-book and we’re speaking from the heart, just like we would if we happened to be having a personal one-on-one conversation. We’ll leave you to make up your own mind about what we believe in.

“We believe in Philanthropy as a way of life, because of our love for people”.

Being in a position to exercise philanthropy around the globe, and in Nigeria specifically, is not because of ‘luck’ or some special upbringing. It is because of the hand of God. His desire and goal for us, and truly, a dream come true!”


We believe that ‘charity‘ relieves the pains of social issues and problems. Philanthropy on the other hand, as we define and do it, attempts to solve those problems at their root causes. probably the best way to further illustrate the difference is the difference between giving a hungry person a fish, or teaching them how to fish for themselves.

While we operate globally through helping global Fortune 100 organizations, businesses and individuals overcome their challenges and achieve their vision, the focus of the Freedom Foundation Nigeria is specifically on our beloved country, Nigeria.

Together we can create lasting transformation that plays a significant role in reestablishing Nigeria’s reputation in the world. We can’t correct the past, however, we can certainly impact and co-create a brighter and positive future.

Somebody asked not too long ago what we’d communicate if we had only 10 second to give an introduction.

For Nigeria, we said this would be it:

“To be successful in business or in life, there’s no need to defraud, dupe, lie, kill, steal, beg, deceive, con or engage in any of the numerous other nefarious activities Nigeria¬† and Nigerians have become infamous for, both at home and abroad”.

Change starts when you redefine what success means, and then commit to taking action, to become the type of country, government, organization or individual the type of success you’ve identified belong to.”

It starts with redefining what ‘success’ means. It’s about changing how we look at things, so the things we look at change and we get results that work for us and not against us.

Be Proud to be a Nigerian

Despite the ongoing bad press Nigeria often gets, my fellow foundation members and I are proud to be aligned with Nigeria. We have a rich heritage and a great history. We have things that we have a duty to pass on to generations to come. It’s about giving and paying forward for a country that gave us very rich experiences when we were growing up “back in the day!” – We’re grateful for that opportunity.

Above all, we’re all grateful to God who put us on our individual paths personally and professionally. We recognize that without the gracious hand of God being on us,we would be nothing. We also know that the reason we’re so blessed, is so that we can be a blessing to others. The reason we experience miracles, is so that we can become miracles for others.

The Freedom Foundation is one of the channels through which we are making things happen.

Questions, Partnerships and Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have questions please get in contact in the first instance. We invite questions from government departments, NGOs, businesses and individuals. We also urge you to consider partnerships and sponsorship opportunities.

Below are just some of the areas of business and personal development that we can offer to qualified organizations and individuals. If what you need is not listed, please get in contact:

  • Keynote speaking at your organization events
  • Business or executive coaching for your current top performers
  • Business or executive coaching for future leaders
  • Leadership development
  • Management development programs
  • Personal development programs
  • Successful change management and becoming an agent for positive change
  • Starting an online business
  • Business process improvement
  • Overcoming the credibility issues as a Nigerian entreprenuer
  • Online/Internet marketing coaching
  • eCommerce for business
  • Public seminars sponsored by your organization
  • Business seminars and workshops
  • Team building
  • Online training/E-classes developed specifically for employees of your organization
  • Webinars for your organization/business
  • Teleseminars for your organization/business
  • Personal development

We have to take responsibility for making our society right, because no one else is going to do it for us. We all have to play a part. Until then, the world will continue to look on Nigeria as a country of corrupt organizations and full of people you should never do business with.

If you’re a decision-maker, thanks to the advancement in technology, you can now make things happen for you and your people in ways previously unimaginable. You can give them access to the exact same quality of education, knowledge, tools and resources we provide to some of the most prestigious companies in the world.

You can gain the competitive edge and give your people the right mindset and confidence to compete on a global scale of efficiency.

If you’re an individual, you can sharpen your saw and live up to your true potential.

Together we will make this work – So get in contact now.

Freedom Foundation

*There is a screening process to ensure you are a good fit for our mission and vision. This qualification process ensures that we are a good fit for each other, because time is the most valuable asset we all have!