Want to Save Yourself Trouble and Eliminate Struggle?

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Content Nigerian Lady “We often go through life at times feeling
as if we can’t solve a challenge or problem
with our own human abilities
or on our own…we’re “stuck!”

It doesn’t need to be that way. I believe that we are more than the flesh and blood that we can see. I believe in a higher power.

I believe in God the creator of everything we know. I tend to stay away from religious discussions and debates because the fact is that traditional religion as we know it is one of the most divisive forces in the world.

Would you like to live a life of less struggle and strife, I invite you today to join me in saying, keeping and owning the following affirmation.


Without a shadow of doubt, I know that I’m a child of the Most High.

I’m one with the creative power, that absolute intelligence and perfection
that’s behind everything ever created.

Because my inner thoughts and desires lead to actions and results that I experience in my outer world thus bringing me conditions that exactly correspond to the thoughts I have and the actions I take,
I affirm now that my thoughts are and will continue to be Divinely guided.

No matter what might be going on in my life, the thoughts I entertain are (not will be!) constructive thoughts. The ideas I express will be constructive ideas that build up.
They will not tear me or anyone else down. All all others I willingly discard now.

I’m fully aware that there’s a Principle of Perfection at the center of who I am, at the center of my being, an invisible presence that forever externalizes itself for me and through me
in every avenue of life, today and everyday.

That’s it…Now go about your day and your life i the knowledge that you DO have something greater and more powerful than you on your side.

You’re a Winner – Heck, you’re Nigerian so you were born a winner!

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