“You’re a Nigerian – Expect Miracles”

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Nigerian_Expect_Miracles_NowDo you believe in miracles? I do. If you don’t why not? It doesn’t cost you anything to believe in the possibility of great things to happening to you.

I didn’t come up with the underlying concept or belief that expecting miracles should be your “normal state” of mind but I am a firm believer of working in partnership with the greater power that’s within.

You’ve heard of miracles happening to other people. You’ve read about them but you might not believe in them or believe them to be possible for you. That’s a choice you’ve got to make and I urge you to choose wisely.

My life is filled with abundance in so many ways. The more I decide to adjust my personal philosophy of life the more abundant I feel and I become and I’m not special in any way.

Be Reasonable – Expect Miracles Each Day

NEA_BabyYou have access to the same miracle manifesting power but you have to EXPECT a miracle. The miracle could be in relation to your family, having a child, your relatives, your career or business, your relationship with the creator of everything you see around you, to your God.

I’d like you to take me up on this one. Take me up on expecting a miracle to happen in your life. You choose where you’re going to expect that miracle to happen (it doesn’t get fairer than that does it?).

What’s the miracle you’re going to expect in your life? And don’t stop there. Go ahead and “order” a miracle or two for those you love and care about. Remember, it’s free ad the only “price” you pay is your ability to believe that it can happen for and to you because there’s a power greater than you and I that never fails.

Expect and receive your miracle if for no other reason that you’re a Nigerian and the ability to manifest miracles is something we’ve had our elders speak into our life right from birth.

Go for it. You’re worth it!

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